What you need to know to be able to start pledging.


Top row

On the top right corner is the empty Pledging cart.empty cart

filled cartThe pledging cart if there are pledged items.

In the top middle is the Regional Setting box (currency and language) .currency

If you clicked on Change a new window appears

change currency

In the Regional Settings window, you can change the currency, language and country

2nd Row is the menu bar where the catalogue can be accessed. 

2nd bar

Maintenance - maintenance catalogue

Parish integral Human Development - PIHD catalogue

What Is MyPledge - an information page

User guide - MyPledge user guide (this guide)

Left side


from top to bottom

  • Search box - seldom used as we have less than 50 products in each month categories

  • Categories - click on the Parish Integral Human Development and the categories within the PIHD catalogue appears.  Pledge orders should be by month categories.


  • Recently viewed - if you have pledge items before it will show here.
  • Sign In - If you are already a registered donor then you should sign in before pledging. Use your email and the password for MyPledge site. If you enter email and no password this screen appears.


You can recover your password by clicking on the "Lost your password" link. Enter your email and click the "Reset Password" button


Check for the Reset Token from your email to complete the reset 

reset token

  • "New donor click here" - use this link to create your account. You only need to create your account only once. After that, you just need to sign in before pledging. Create your account after completing the form below. Suggest you add in your address or else you will be prompted to enter it to complete the pledge

    new account

Once you have created the account you will be considered as logged in and you can proceed to pledge.

How to Pledge

Click to see the categories


Click on 01 January for items to pledge for Jan 2018. Assuming you are pledging 5 packets of flour. Click in the flour image.

pledge jan

Then the pledge windows open for you to change the quantity before clicking the "Pledge" button


Click on the "x" button (top right edge) after you have finished selecting the item you wish to pledge.You can select as many items as you want.

Once complete go to your Pledging cart pledging cart

Your pledge content will be shown. You can change the quantity at this stage.Note if Donor Details is empty there will be "Sign In" link.

cart content

The "Confirm Pledge" button will not work until you have logged in and "Donor details" are completed.


Once Pledge confirmed the Pledge order number is issued

You can also view your Order Copy by clicking on the link.

order copy

If you are pledging online here are the sequence of emails you will receive.

email order status

1. Pledge Submitted - on Pledge Confirmation, awaiting acceptance

2. Pending - if there are issues that need clarification from donor

3. Accepted - once accepted you will be informed of payment and delivery method

4. Cancelled - for any reason please inform MyPledge at pihd@olgpuchong.org for any cancellation

5. Fulfilled - when a receipt number is issued after payment or delivery

Normal sequence of email is 1. Pledge Submitted, 3. Accepted and 5. fulfilled

For offline the sequence is 1. Pledge Submitted and 5. fulfilled

Email content of accepted pledge

Your pledge order has been accepted. 

Fulfilling your pledge , you have two options: (1) Pledge & Pay, (2) Pledge & Deliver 

(1) For Pledge & Pay, you can pay at the parish office citing your MyPledge Order number or you can pay online by banking in or transferring fund(s) to MAYBANK acc: 512343516303 CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE and then hand over your transaction slip to the parish office or send by email to pihd@olgpuchong.org. You will be notified by email once your pledge order has been fulfilled.  

(2) For Pledge & Deliver, you buy the items pledged and deliver them to PIHD store with the MyPledge Order number, on the last Sunday of the preceeding month (Note: Your month of pledge is indicated in the item’s description in your copy of the pledge order). 


Please email phid@olgpuchong.org should you wish to cancel this pledge [MyPledgeOrder #%order_id] 

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